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About this course

The programme of study will be delivered in 6 sessions each with a specific theme/subject which will cover hospitality basic skills and knowledge which is required in the practical work environment. These sessions will be taught through traditional classroom environments or mixed/hybrid delivery.

Course Information

Course Title Hospitality Basic Service Course
Course Type​ Non-accredited
Programme Duration 6 Sessions/18 Hours
Mode of Attendance Full Time | Part Time
Mode of Delivery Face-to-Face Lectures
Course Language English
Location Triq il-Għadam, Birkirkara, CBD 1060, Malta
Lecturers Ms C Geromini
Ms J Cossia
Dr Schembri

Proficient in reading and writing English.

Over 16 years old.

€ 180

Available to pay in instalments. For information about funding schemes click here.

HBS01 – Customer Service Skills

This module focuses on the significance of customer service skills in a hotel setting, with a particular emphasis on front office and food & beverage department employees, although recognizing their relevance for all hotel staff. Students will gain knowledge of various types of customer service skills, and the ability to manage common requests and complaints. They will also learn professional telephone etiquette. Practical scenarios will allow students to apply these skills, fostering effective communication, empathy, and problem-solving.

HBS02 – Food Service

This module emphasizes the critical role of proper food service in enhancing the guest experience within catering establishments. It highlights how quality service not only satisfies customer needs but also elevates dining ambiance, customer satisfaction, and loyalty, serving as a cultural bridge and promoting social interactions. Students will gain an understanding of restaurant procedures and various service methods, with hands-on practice covering table setup, napkin folding, food serving, and clearing. Communication skills, active listening, teamwork, and the ability to handle diverse situations will be stressed as essential for food servers. Additionally, students will learn about soft skills, personal hygiene, professional attitude, and post-service procedures necessary for success in this field.

HBS03 – Beverage Service

This module underscores the vital role of beverage preparation and service in enhancing the overall dining experience for customers. Students will gain knowledge about various types of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, including their ingredients, preparation methods, and presentation techniques. Practical training will encompass skills such as opening wine bottles, serving beverages, and preparing common drinks. Additionally, students will learn to handle rush hours, address customer concerns, and maintain a positive attitude, ultimately enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

HBS04 – Housekeeping, Cleaning and Sanitation

This module teaches students about various cleaning supplies and linens used in hotels, the laundry process, room types, and room preparation for guest arrivals. It also covers sanitation procedures, towel-folding techniques to enhance guest experience, and proper use of personal protective equipment. Teamwork and effective communication are emphasized, as housekeeping staff often collaborate and interact with guests. Transferable skills like thoroughness, time management, efficiency, and organization are highlighted, along with lessons on personal hygiene, grooming, and professionalism in the workplace.

HBS05 – Food Safety to meet customers’ expectations

The module aims to educate students about their role in catering establishments, enabling them to meet customer expectations through proper food preparation and order accuracy, highlighting the significance of food safety as a crucial aspect of public health, overseen by government regulations. The program also underscores specific transferable skills. The training focuses on preventing cross-contamination and allergen exposure to prioritize customer well-being.

HBS06 – Front Desk and Order Taking

This module equips students with the skills needed for accurate order taking and billing in the restaurant, as well as front office tasks, including wearing appropriate uniforms, understanding the front desk’s purpose, reservation methods, and payment processes. Practical sessions involve simulated scenarios for food and drink orders, hotel room reservations, and guest check-ins. Effective communication, teamwork, listening, problem-solving, and adaptability are emphasized as crucial transferable skills in both departments, highlighting their importance for smooth operation and successful customer interactions. Students also learn to handle various guest requests and develop essential skills for their daily tasks in both roles.



This program aims to provide essential knowledge to individuals seeking employment in the hospitality industry. It will equip them with the basic skills required for the job and serve as a testimony to their abilities. As a result, participants will have a shorter induction period, as they will be better prepared to work in the industry.

The programme of study/course is intended to deliver the basic skills required to participants who wish to work in the local hospitality industry. This will allow the participants to understand and acquire the skills that will put them in a better employability position, being trained by professional tutors. The skills acquired are the foundations of hospitality which are focused on an intensive, compact and comprehensive knowledge that will benefit the participant who wishes to work in the industry.

Ongoing in every module.

Inhouse award.

Licence Number: 2019-010

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