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Paediatric BLS/AED, and Emergency First Aid

About this course

As a responsible caregiver, it’s crucial to be prepared for any emergency situation involving a child.  

Our Paediatric BLS/AED and Emergency First Aid course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to confidently respond in a crisis. You’ll learn vital life support techniques, how to use an automated external defibrillator, and how to provide critical care to infants and children.  

Enroll now and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can be a lifesaver for the little ones in your life.

Course Information

Course Title Paediatric BLS/AED and Emergency First Aid
Programme Duration 4 Hours
Mode of Delivery Online Lectures & Face-to-face Practice
Certification Certificate of Course Completion (Valid for 3 Years)
Course Language English
Location Uniplural Academy. For bigger groups (companies) the training can be provided at their premises.
  • Aged 16+ upon entry of course
  • Communicate using oral and written English


Course Price Includes:

  • Training delivered by a qualified Nurse Instructor with experience in emergency setting

  • Course covers the physical, psychological, emotional, and legal aspect of patients and the emergency first responder

  • Latest training equipment includes QCPR manikins and latest models of AED trainer 

  • Certificate of Course Completion – Valid for 3 years

  • Free of charge course for participants that fail first attempt course. Individual evaluation 

  • Delivering training at Apex Academy or one’s place of choice

  • Strict infection control measures

  • For BLS/AED – the dummies’ lungs changed with every session and all manikins will be disinfected post lecture

Reading material will be provided prior to the course



Learning Outcomes for Knowledge obtained at the end of the programme:

The learner will be able to:

Perform Primary Care for infants and young teens.

Course includes, scene assessment; barrier use; primary assessment; cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR); conscious and unconscious choking management and use of AED.

International students generally describe Malta as a safe place, enjoying excellent weather and an all-year varied cultural programme. Malta is considered as the ideal place for students to study.

Non-EU/ Non-EEA Applicnts need to apply for a Student Visa before they travel to Malta. We can help guide you on this process.  Learn More.

Age Group: 16+

Existing health care professionals or applicants who may wish to learn Paediatric BLS/AED, and Emergency First Aid

It is important that you are on time. Ideally you are in front of your computer a few minutes before the lecture starts.

If possible, try to be in a quiet room without background noise. If you have a camera, the teacher and the other students will see you when your camera is on.

To ask a question you need to raise your hand on the system. When you join the class, you are all muted to avoid background noise. The teacher will unmute you when it is time to answer your question.

Please follow the below instructions:
• Mute yourself except when you have the floor.
• Raise your hand virtually for permission to speak.
• Keep your video on for attendance purposes.
• Avoid distracting backgrounds or activities.

Certificate of Course Completion (Valid for 3 Years) 

Licence Number: 2019-010

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